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Rompox D7000 - The All-In-One Gravel and Grit Stabilizer


"The #1 grit and gravel Stabilizer, is a simple solution for creating custom pathways, garden trails and commercial walkways. This eco-friendly liquid polymer stabilizer for crushed stone and decomposed granite materials creates a dust-free surface and durable surface in a few easy application steps. For the quick and uncomplicated strengthing of road surfaces with sufficient fine particles (e.g. water-bound road surfaces), especially for protection agaisnt washing out, abrasion, weed growth and dust control. Rompox - D7000 strengthens existing road surfaces and protects especially against erosion on downhill gradients. Through the use of Rompox D7000 the stability of the coating is greatyly improved and thus the maintenance costs are reduced. The areas of application go from private areas in the garden and around the house to public areas such as park paths, foot and bike paths and tree surrounds."

Rompox - Fugensand NP (Jointing Sand)


"A jointing sand for water permeable joints, that prevents weed growth and is made mainly of natural raw materials. Thanks to its uncomplicated and quick application, ROMPOX - Jointing Sand NP is ideal for narrow joints, especially with interlocking paving stones on patios and driveways as well as in public spaces. The binding agent ensures that when small joint cracks come into contact with water, they repair themselves. ROMPOX - Jointing Sand NP is more durable than all other unbonded joint fillings and fulfills the requirements of the AgBB-Scheme according to testing by the eco-institute in Cologne."

Rompox - Easy Eco-Fine


"A ready-mixed, elutriant-compatible 1-component pavement jointing mortar. The mortar hardens/cures after reacting with air-oxygen and is therefore vacuum-packed. Thanks to its simple application, this highly water-permeable jointing mortar is ideal for professionals and do-it-yourselfers and keeps the joints unsealed. Rompox Easy Ecofine is used around the house on terraces, sidewalks and driveways with light, occasional car traffic (with non-settling, water-permeable bedding). The pavement jointing mortar is also particularly suitable for ceramic tile coverings with high optical requirements, thanks to the fine joint pattern."

Rompox - Profi-Deko


"Your gravel has rolled out. Loose stones on paths or lawns does not have to be. With Rompox - Profi-Deko, grit and gravel can be bonded together to create a sure-footed, visually appealing surface. Especially for tree surrounds, on cemetery paths or playgrounds, around benches or for decorative purposes, with the 2-component synthetic resin binder for washed, dried and dust-free grit / gravel all projects can be achieved in public areas. The surfaces are permeable to water and easy to clean."

Fugensand & D7000 Strengthner & Surface Sealer


"An All-in-one, eco friendly solid jointing sand solution that is manufactured from natural, raw materials and suitable for all loads classes. Thanks to its simple and quick application, the jointing sand, strengthener & surface sealer combination is ideal for narrow joints, especially with interlocking paving stones on patios and driveways as well as in public spaces. The combination has high strength and viscous elasticity which is particularly advantageous for use on unbonded construction. The sealing properties protect the surface from dirt, oil, and corrosion from climate exposure and de-icing salt for up to 5 years."

The All-in-One Tool Kit for ROMEX Paving Jobs

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