Flooring & Renovation

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Floor Edger

    • Electric, disc style

    • Used for sanding edges of floors or decks, or wood stairs

    • Machine Weight: 33 lbs

    • Disc Size: 7" diameter

    • Sanding discs (various grits) available for additional charge

Floor or Deck Sander

    • Electric, drum style

    • Used for sanding decks or hardwood floors

    • Machine Weight: 100 lbs

    • Belt Size: 8" wide

    • Sanding belts (various grits) available for additional charge

Handheld Belt Sander

    • Electric, belt style

    • Used for sanding furniture, stairs, small sanding jobs, or touch-ups

    • Machine Weight: 5 lbs

    • Belt Size: 3" wide

    • Sanding belts (various grits) available for additional charge


Fivestar Carpet Cleaner

    • Electric, walk-behind

    • Used for cleaning carpets, stain removal, cleaning furniture or vehicle interiors

    • Upholstery attachment available for additional charge

    • Shampoo bottles available for additional charge

Eddy Floor Scraper

    • Electric, walk-behind

    • Used for stripping tile, linoleum, or vinyl flooring, or for removing adhesive from sub floor

    • Blade Width: 5-3/8" or 9"

    • Blades charges apply

Other Flooring Tools

    • Carpet/Lino Rollers (125 lbs)

    • Carpet Kickers, Glue Spreaders, Seamer Irons

    • Manual Floor Scrapers (7" blades)

    • Tile Scraper Attachment (for 2" Milwaukee Combo Units)

    • Turbo Fans/Carpet Fans


Drywall Equipment

    • Drywall Lifts (11' or 15')

    • Drywall Saws

    • Drywall Screw Guns

Titan Paint Sprayer

    • Electric

    • 5-gallon industrial style

    • Used for painting fences, barns, or large painting projects

    • 50' sprayer hose

    • Machine Weight: 36 lbs

    • Cleaning charges apply if not returned clean

Texture Machines & Texture Hoppers

    • Electric/Air

    • Used for stippling ceilings

    • Machine Weight: 60 lbs

    • Machine includes compressor, hopper, hoses, and instructions

    • Hoppers can be rented separately

  • Water-based materials only

Other Renovation Tools

    • Wallpaper Steamers

    • Fish Tapes (50' or 100')

    • Shop Vacuums (Wet or Dry)

    • Turbo Fans/Carpet Fans

    • Wheelbarrows