Lawn & Garden


Walk behind gas powered 20" coring style aerator

Walk-Behind Aerators

36" tow behind coring style aerator

Tow-Behind Aerators


Husqvarna heavy duty back pack gas powered leaf blower

Backpack Leaf Blowers


Tow behind gas powered vermeer tree chipper with self feeding rollers. Up to 6" max diameter limbs

Vermeer BC700 Chippers


Gas powered tanaka edger for cutting grass along sidewalks or invisible dog fence

Tanaka Edgers

Walk behind gas powered blue bird bed bug edger, ideal for trenching in 20' plastic edging

Bed Bug Edgers

Extendable Tree Pruners

Gas powered extendable pole chainsaw pruner

Extendable Pole Saws


Various tow behind diamond and grooming harrows to pull behind tractors

Harrows (Various)

Hedge Trimmers

Gas powered tanaka hedge trimmer

Hedge Trimmers

Lawn/Sod Rollers

Walk and tow-behind lawn grass rollers. Fill with water.

Walk-Behind or Tow Behind

Mowers - Walk-Behind

Walk-behind self propelled gas powered rough cut mower

Little Wonder Rough Cut Mower

Small backyard style gas powered lawn mower. No bags available

Push Lawn Mowers

Mowers - Tractors

All wheel steer garden tractor for finishing cuts on lawn grass

John Deere Lawn Tractors

John Deere with 6' wide rough cut mower, attachment not rented separately

John Deere 990 w/ Rough-Cut

Power Rakes (Dethatchers)

Walk behind gas powered dethatcher power rake for bringing up dead grass, for lawns only

Walk-Behind Power Rakes

Tow-behind gas powered lawn only power rake dethatcher

Tow-Behind Power Rakes

Sod Cutters

Walk behind gas powered lawn sod stripper/cutter

Walk-Behind Sod Cutters


Tow behind lawn sprayer, 24 gallon tank

Tow-Behind Sprayers

Seeders, Fertilizers & Spreaders

Lawn fertilizer spreaders, walkbehind and tow behind available

Spreaders (Various)

3pt hitch mounted fertilizer spreader for back of tractors

3-Point Hitch Spreaders

Walkbehind gas powered lawn overseeder for seeding grass

Overseeder/Power Rake Combo

Stump Grinders

Walk behind Blue Bird Stump Grinder Cutter, up to 10" max diameter

Bluebird Walk-Behind Stump Grinders

Walk behind self propelled gas powered stump grinder cutter, up to 40" max stumps

Vermeer Self-Propelled Stump Grinders


Handheld mini mantis rototiller 10" wide

Mantis Mini-Tillers

Gas powered maxim front tine rototiller

Maxim Front-Tine Tillers

Rear tine self propelled BCS with rototiller attachment only

BCS Rear-Tine Tillers

Heavy duty diesel hydrostatic tractor with 6' rototiller attachment only for rent

John Deere 4520 w/ Tiller


Walk behind Billy Goat gas powered grass and leaf bagger

Billy Goat Lawn Vacuums


String or Tough Cut heads for weedeaters

Handheld Weedeaters

Walk behind gas powered stringed weed eater rental

Walk-Behind Weedeaters

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