Concrete, Demolition & Drills

Concrete Equipment

Wheelbarrow styled electric cement mixer, can mix up to 2 pre mix bags at once

Cement Mixers

Electric concrete vibrator

Concrete Vibrators

36" gas powered rotating power trowel, float blades also available

Power Trowels

Concrete bull float and hand troweling tools

Other Concrete Items/Tools

Concrete Saws

Husqvarna hand held gas powered 14" diamond concrete saw
Battery Powered Milwaukee concrete diamond blade saw, great for basement use

Handheld Cutoff Saws

Husqvarna walk-behind concrete saw

Walk-Behind Concrete Saws

 Jackhammers/Concrete Breakers

Electric SDS plus jackhammer and hammer drill combo

1" Milwaukee Combo Units

1-3/4" Milwaukee SDS Max jackhammer hammer drill combo

1-3/4" Milwaukee Combo Units

2" Milwaukee Hammer drill SDS Max jackhammer and hammer drill combo

2" Milwaukee Combo Units

SDS Max Concrete Coring Bits, Bush Hammer, Ground Rod Pounder available.

Extra Attachments

70lb Boshe Brute Turbo electric stand up jackhammer

Bosch Brute Jackhammers

Heavy duty skidsteer mounted concrete breaker

Skidsteer Concrete Breakers


2" Milwaukee Hammer drill SDS Max jackhammer and hammer drill combo

Hammer Drills

Stand-up style electric decking screw gun

Stand-Up Deck Screw Guns

Miscellaneous electric drills and grinders available

Other Drills

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