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3/4" (20mm) Road Crush

  • 50/50 mixture of sand and 3/4" fractured rock

  • Used as a top compaction layer on roadways, parking pads, etc.

  • Also used as a base material under paving stone, retaining walls, flagstone, sheds, or for filling potholes, around fence posts, etc.

1 1/2" (40mm) Road Crush

  • 50/50 mixture of sand and 1 1/2" fractured rock

  • Larger rock gives better compaction than 3/4" crush, but will not level as nicely

  • Used as base material for roadways, parking pads, etc.

1 1/4" Road Topper

  • 80/20 mixture of 1 1/4" fractured rock and processed sand

  • Higher percentage of rock results in a cleaner finished product, while still providing good compaction

  • Used to top-dress roadways, parking pads, etc.

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Crushed Concrete

  • Recycled crushed concrete ranging from fines up to 4" chunks

  • Well screened to remove any steel left over from the recycling process

  • Extremely hard, stable base material when properly compacted

  • Used for initial basework on roadways, parking pads, foundation work, etc.

1" Fractured Washed Rock

  • Fractured, tan-toned washed rock ranging from 3/4" to 1" in size

  • Same rock as in the 3/4" road crush, but without the sand

  • Used for weeping tile, window wells, drainage rock, or to top-dress roadways, parking pads, walking paths, etc.


Screened (Fill) Sand

  • Coarse, gritty compaction sand

  • Contains a small percentage of 3/8" minus rock chips

  • Used for backfilling trenches or around underground conduit/cables, sunken areas, filling sandbags/weighted bases, etc.

Washed (Playground) Sand

  • Fine, clean playground sand

  • Contains no rock

  • Used for playgrounds/sandboxes, or as leveling sand underneath paving stone, flagstone, hot tubs/pools, etc.

Buckshot Chips (Sanding Chips)

  • Available in Winter Only (some leftover stock may be available in spring)

  • Fractured, tan-toned rock chips ranging from 1/4" to 3/8" in size

  • Rock only - contains no salt

  • Used primarily in the winter as sanding chips for driveways or sidewalks

  • Can also be used to top-dress roadways, parking pads, walking paths, etc.