Soils & Compost

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 Screened Topsoil
  • Fine, screened black dirt
  • Standard dirt for use in sodding and lawn care
  • Used for top dressing, leveling, and filling divots in lawns
  • 2021 Price: $30.00/yard
 Garden Mix
  • Triple-mix of 60% topsoil, 20% peat moss, and 20% sand
  • Peat moss and sand make soil ideal for use in gardens and shrubberies
  • Used in vegetable gardens, flower beds, and for planting trees and shrubs
  • 2021 Price: $46.00/yard
 Premium Compost Mix 
  • 50/50 blend of compost and peat moss
  • Often mixed with garden mix or topsoil to enrich the soil
  • Used in vegetable gardens, flower beds, for planting trees and shrubs, and for lawn care
  • 2021 Price: $60.00/yard

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 Clay Fill
  • Non-screened clay
  • Used for initial basework and for grading/leveling ground (Ex. building up beside foundation of house, filling large holes/sloughs, building up areas for roadways or parking pads, etc.)
  • 2021 Price: $30.00/yard
 Dirt Fill
  • Unscreened cheap fill material
  • Contains mostly just dirt, but some clay and rock
  • Used for backfilling large holes or building up low spots
  • 2021 Price: $15.00/yard (up to 10 yards)
 Sheep Manure
  • 10 kg. bags of sheep manure
  • Used to enrich soil in gardens and flower beds
  • Temporarily Out of Stock