Crush, Gravel & Sand

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3/4" (20mm) Road Crush
  • 50/50 mixture of sand and 3/4" fractured rock
  • Used as top compaction layer or for filling potholes on roadways, parking pads, etc.
  • Also used for base material under sheds, retaining walls, patio stones, etc.
1 1/2" (40mm) Road Crush
  • 50/50 mixture of sand and 1 1/2" fractured rock
  • Larger rock gives better compaction than 3/4" Road Crush
  • Used as base material for roadways, parking pads, etc.
Crushed Concrete
  • Mixture of recycled crushed concrete from fines up to 3" chunks
  • When properly compacted, results in an extremely hard, stable base
  • Used for initial base on roadways, shop pads, parking pads, etc.
  • Also used for filling potholes

Recycled Asphalt
  • Ground-up asphalt recycled from paved roads
  • Used as a top compaction layer on roadways, parking pads, etc.
Screened (Fill) Sand
  • Coarse, gritty compaction sand
  • Contains a small percentage of 3/8" minus rock
  • Used for backfilling in trenches, around underground conduit/cables, sunken areas, etc.
Washed (Playground) Sand
  • Fine, clean playground sand
  • Contains no rock
  • Used for playgrounds, sandboxes, horseshoe pits, etc.
  • Also used under pools, paving stones, flagstone, etc. for leveling
Silverstone - 3/8" (Pea Gravel)
  • Fractured 3/8" dark-toned with blue and grey mixture
  • Used for decorative areas, driveways, patios, etc
1" Fractured Tan Washed Rock
  • Fractured 3/4" - 1" tan-toned mixture
  • Used for driveway topper, weeping tile, decks, etc